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The SessionM Documentation Center is your starting point to find out everything you need to know about using the SessionM Platform.

User Docs

Learn exactly how to use the SessionM Platform modules with our user docs. Getting Started guides offer a conceptual overview of how our modules work together, while individual Module Guides offer step-by-step instructions so you can get the most out of each module. Plus, we offer Use Cases that show real world implementations so you can get up and running that much faster.

API Docs

Our API documentation is the starting point for developers to understand how to integrate with the platform.

Core APIs

Learn how to access our server-to-server and client-to-server APIs.


Understand how to manage transactions that occur via a point of sale system.

NOTE: This API is not designed for use with the Core APIs.

View our APIs documented in Swagger, with the ability to test requests.

Offers APIs

APIs that provide control over rewarding a user with several outcome types. Various workflows are supported, including integrating with point of sale systems, enabling fulfillment methods, and placing restrictions on the acquisition or redemption of offers.

Incentives APIs

APIs that control a robust points system and loyalty rules engine to create custom loyalty programs. Point sources and accounts can be configured, managed and audited. Rules are triggered by actions taken and can deliver awards, move customers between tiers and even trigger campaigns.

Catalog APIs

APIs that manage the normalization of a "master catalog" of store categories and items. Includes endpoints for commands and queries to control various functions and rules with the catalog.

Transactions APIs

APIs that handle transactions procedurally, storing items and payments. Endpoints are available that retrieve transaction information as single transactions or as pageable, sortable lists. The publishing feature can broadcast to accomplish point economy operations.

Stored Value APIs

APIs that manage all interactions within the Stored Value Product for Web and POS integrations. The Stored Value Product enables customers to use prepaid cards as payments connected to the SessionM Platform, allowing for loyalty rewards and a place to track activity by card in real-time. Note that the SVD internal API is accessible only to SessionM teams working on the SessionM VPN.

Technical Docs

Our technical docs provide information related to implementing the platform and complement the other documentation presented here.

Data Administration

Find out how to use our data ingest tool.

API Workflows

We offer a variety of guides explaining how to accomplish common platform workflows.


Consult the documents here for details on SessionM integrations with other platforms.

Release Notes

Here you can access release notes for the SessionM Platform, plus a list of changes and guide updates released to this Documentation Center.

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