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New Push Message Option for Message Type

Our new Push Message option allows you to select your push message provider if you aren’t using SessionM’s default provider. The original Push Notification message type is now labeled “Push Notification - legacy” and will eventually be removed.


New Interface to Configure Advanced Search Form and Results List

The Customer search form now has a user interface where you can configure the fields that appear and their order. You can do the same for the fields that appear in the search results listing. This new feature is accessed in the Admin & Rights (2.0) module under the Module Configurations category as “Customer Search Configuration."

This feature requires some internal set-up to expose. Please reach out to your Customer Success contact if you would like it added to your SessionM Platform instance.

Customer Quick Hits

  • Within the Customer Profile tab, the Opted-In field has been added back. This allows users to quickly see if the customer is opted in to the program, without having to do an API call.
  • Behind the scenes, we’ve optimized how we search for a user when the User ID is supplied, creating a 20x speed improvement.


Tier Maintenance Will Now Evaluate the Bottom Tier Level

We’ve updated the tier maintenance logic so that it now evaluates the bottom tier of a point economy. (All live clients have been verified that existing programs will continue functioning as expected.) In addition, the system now has the option to remove users from the bottom tier when they do not meet the maintenance requirements. This is to accommodate clients who have loyalty programs that do require minimum conditions to be met for participation. The default behavior is still to not remove any customers from the lowest level tier.

Please coordinate with your Customer Success contact if you need customers removed from the bottom tier upon maintenance running.

Added a Manual Trigger to Run Tier Maintenance for Easier Testing

To facilitate testing, we’ve added the ability to send an API request to trigger tier maintenance rules to run on a point economy. This request can be sent with between one and 20 user IDs to be evaluated by the maintenance rules. Sending the request without any user IDs included will run the maintenance on all members of a point economy. Because this is meant for testing, having it activated in a production environment will take special configuration.

Please coordinate with your Customer Success contact regarding using this new feature.

Loyalty Quick Hits

  • Now that spend_multiple API is being used directly from Campaigns, we’ve improved the ability to scale when ingesting multiple user IDs.
  • We have improved the speed of the Point Expiration job of the Incentives domain by roughly 14x, allowing for quicking expirations in large client loyalty programs.

Platform Integrations

Twilio Notify PUSH Messaging Plugin Integrated

We’ve integrated the Twilio Notify PUSH Messaging Plugin via the SMP Campaigns module. There are two Delivery Methods: Scheduled, to send the notification out on a certain day/time, and Triggered, to send the notification triggered by a certain behavior. In addition, the push message content can be personalized with basic user profile data.

NOTE: You must use curl command markup, e.g. _platform_user.first_name, at message creation to insert personalization.

There is no UI interface in the SMP for this plugin. Setup of the provider must be completed by an Integration Engineer.

Extended SMS Opt-In Capabilities to Include Server-to-Sever API Integration

Our SMS opt-in capabilities can now be managed via a server-to-server API integration. Customers can start the SMS opt-in process by entering their mobile phone number on a client-managed app and/or website. Using this new API, the client sends the information to SessionM, and we send a validation code via SMS to the provided phone number. The customer then enters that code on the client’s website (where they initiated the process). Finally, the client’s system sends the code and customer info to SessionM via the API, completing the opt-in process.

With this new API integration, SessionM can now support SMS opt-in in the following ways:

  • A mobile-originated ( “text to join” ) opt in process
  • The new API + validation code-based opt in process

View the API Documentation on this feature.

POS Integrations

NCR BSP Improvements

There have been several improvements to the SessionM integration with NCR BSP (formerly NCR ODSP) to enhance notifications that are presented to cashiers on the Point of Sale display, which will help smooth cashier interactions with the customers. These improvements include the following:

  • Evolution of customer assignment/lookup failures to return NCR’s common “Invalid” message for additional use cases as opposed to silently failing.
  • Additional varied error messaging to provide context for offers that are unable to be applied to the check either through cashier selection on screen or cashier direct entry of offer codes.

Optimized User Profile Search with an Ambiguous GUID Source

In the situation where we integrate with third party APIs that are unable to identify whether a GUID source is a SessionM ID or an External ID, we’ve implemented a new API call that queries both within the same request. This change creates a huge performance improvement that speeds up the response.