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New Interface for Selecting Attributes when Building an Audience

We’ve improved the user interface for selecting attributes when building an audience. You can still search for an attribute, but the drill-down through multiple levels of menus is easier to navigate. On the left side of the screen you can see the hierarchy of menus, allowing you to quickly jump back to any level. On the right is the list of choices which is easily scrollable.


Improved the Qualifying Location Restriction in the Behavior Builder

When setting up a Purchase Event rule in the behavior builder, you have access to the Qualifying Location restriction. We've expanded the flexibility of that restriction to allow you to specify stores or tags to exclude, in addition to ones to include. In the updated user interface, you first select your brand and then you'll be able to choose store IDs to include or exclude, as well as choose store tags to include or exclude.

New Feature Guardrail: For the initial roll-out of the feature, you must type at least 3 characters into the Brand, Venue and Tag search fields to see any matching results. This means you will need to have some knowledge of the venues available in order to see a list to select from. The next iteration of this feature will allow all choices to show before typing any characters; timing for that is TBD.

Reference this guide on how to use this improved restriction.

Insights (Beta)

New Filtering Option Added to Offers Tab

The Offers tab within the Insights dashboard now provides the ability to filter by specific offers. You can search for offers in the dropdown and show or hide the ones you’ve selected at the top. This level of filtering allows you to see the status and performance of a specific offer or group of offers over time.