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Audience Builder

Introducing Boolean Logic in the Audience Builder

We’ve expanded the Audience builder functionality to include OR logic, which allows for greater flexibility and lets you create groupings of cards that are nested one level deep. This improvement will make it easier to build complex audiences to get at the exact segments you need. The Targeting Summary on the right side is an easy-to-read version of your audience parameters.

You can learn more about this feature in the Audience User Guide.

Ability to Combine Multiple Audiences and Static Snapshots

We’ve improved how you can join dynamic and static audiences with the ability to choose multiple Audiences and Static Snapshots to build your segment. You can include or exclude them from targeting and create complex relationships with the new OR boolean logic. Groupings one level deep are also available. If a user is part of both an included and excluded audience, the exclusion will override all and they will not be targeted. Additionally, if a user is in multiple audiences, they will be de-duplicated to ensure they are only targeted once.

This change also streamlines our interface in the Campaigns module. You now will see a simple toggle instead of the three tabs we had before.

You can learn more about this feature in the Audience User Guide.


Removed Location Behaviors

As part of an ongoing UI cleanup for the Campaigns module, we’ve removed the non-functional Location Events (Enters Specific Location, Dwells at Specific Location and Leaves Specific Location) from the Behavior Builder. The new interim Location Service, rewritten in Q1 of 2020, only enables the Qualifying Location restriction on a Purchase Event rule, as described in this user guide.

Improved UI for Qualifying Location Restriction

The Qualifying Location restriction in the Behavior Builder will now show you all Brands as soon as you click into the Brand field. In the Venue field, we limit the number of results displayed for performance reasons and have now added information about how many total results there are based on the search. Refining your search term will narrow the results.

Platform Integrations

Mailchimp Messaging Plugin

We've integrated the Mailchimp Messaging Plugin via the Campaigns module. The plugin is currently configured to work only with the Triggered delivery method, where a behavior rule is created to trigger the sending of the email. As with all messaging plugins, you need to select the External Message type in your campaign to set this up. You will be able to select the email template to use and can specify a template variant if you want. Messaging template variables (api tags) can be used to populate message templates in Mailchimp.

There is no UI interface in the SMP for this plugin. Contact your Customer Success representative if you would like this plugin added to your instance of the platform.

Composer (Beta)

Ability to Add Expiration To Audiences

We've added an option that lets you select an expiration date for the tag when creating an Audience from a query by choosing the "Custom" option in the dropdown. Along with this change we also added the expiration date to the Audiences list view.

Additional Changes


  • When you run a query we now scroll the page to bring you to the Results Preview.


  • You can now click a "format" button next to the "Run" button to add SQL formatting to the code in the Query field to make it easier to read.


  • When viewing an Audience you can now see a status indicator to the left of the audience name to remind you what status it is in
  • When viewing a Query you can now see a pencil icon to indicate that you can edit the Query name. Click the pencil and the field will become editable. Simply click anywhere outside the field to save the change.
  • When an audience or export fails, we now update the UI with that information and add a "failed" status to the list view.
  • We've updated the UI to display a message when there are no created queries, audiences or exports to display when viewing any of those tabs.


Bug Fixes

Audience Export

  • Fixed a bug that was causing extremely large export jobs to be rejected.
  • Fixed issue where exporting an audience to Facebook was failing.
  • Fixed issue where the SMP was showing a failure when you tried to export an audience of 0 to Facebook. Now user’s will see the job complete successfully, but since the audience is 0 no users will be added.
  • Fixed issue where the Monthly checkbox for repeating an Audience Export wasn’t being saved during setup.

SM Sync Data Importer

  • Fixed an issue where the “external_id” was incorrectly always required in the CSV header of the User Tag importer.


  • Fixed display issue when selecting an offer to add to the Bulk Offer Issue message type.
  • Fixed issue where empty catalog sets were crashing catalog caching.