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New External Campaign to Export an Audience to an External System

We’ve simplified how you can export a list of customers to use with an external system, such as Facebook, Amazon S3 and Airship. We’ve added a new Campaign Type called “External Campaign.” Within the External Campaign setup you’ll be able to build the audience to target, and then add as many export definitions as you need. For each export you’ll be able to choose a one-time export or set a recurring schedule. In addition, you can further refine the target audience for each export based on our standard message targeting rules.

New Purchase Event Option in the Behavior Builder

We’ve added a new option in the Behavior Builder to make it easier to set up a rule that requires a customer to buy a specific sku and to spend a certain amount of money on that sku. This new option can be found by choosing “Purchase Events” then “Purchases” and finally “Specific Items with Minimum Spend” when setting up your rule. Basic restrictions on the option include setting the qualifying skus or categories; setting the minimum amount the customer must spend; and specifying the total number of times the event must be completed before earning the outcome.

Across The Platform

User Interface Updates

As an on-going effort to update the look and feel of the SessionM Platform, we’ve refreshed the UI for several modules. UI changes will happen in stages, across all modules in the platform, over the course of this year.

Customers Module: A new look for the search screen; plus a new header look and design for the tabs.

Audience Module: The main page of the Audience module has a new search field, new pagination and a refreshed list.