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Admin & Rights

Ability to Lock User Account After Failed Login Attempts

We’ve added the ability to set a configurable number of failed login attempts before a SessionM Platform account is locked for added security. Once locked, the account can be re-enabled one of two ways: 1) send an email to the user with a reset link; or 2) set a time limit after which the account is unlocked automatically.

Coordinate with you Customer Success contact if you would like to take advantage of this feature.


Added 3-Decimal Place Precision for Transaction Quantities

For clients that require 3-decimal precision for their transaction quantities, we’ve updated our system to handle that. Within the Campaigns module, we’ve updated several areas related to this change:

  • When creating a Points-Per Purchase Event in the Behavior Builder, there is a new field where you can set the Decimal Precision.
  • When setting up a Point Outcome for a Behavior, there is the option to set the Rounding Rule to use: Always Round Up, Always Round Down, Round up over .50 or No Rounding.
  • The API Progress Response is able to return quantities with decimals.


SalesForce Marketing Cloud Messaging Plugin

We've integrated the SalesForce Marketing Cloud messaging plugin, for SMS and Push messages, via the Campaigns module. SalesForce handles the opt-in for customers in this integration. As with all messaging plugins, you need to select the External Message type in your campaign to set this up. There are two Delivery Methods: Scheduled, to send the notification out on a certain day/time, and Triggered, to send the notification triggered by a certain behavior.

There is no UI interface in the SMP for this plugin. Contact your Customer Success representative if you would like this plugin added to your instance of the platform.

NCR Silver Restaurant Edition (POS) Integration

The features of this integration will include the following:

  • Customer loyalty identification for loyalty attribution and display of single wallet offer at point of sale.
  • Closed Loop Offer redemption via on screen offer selection or customer TTL/offer code presentation.
  • Sending transactions to SessionM for loyalty and non-loyalty customers, facilitating loyalty attribution and reporting within the platform.

NOTE: Based on a limitation with the NCR Silver integration methods, lookup of a customer's phone number or loyalty ID will return a single offer from the customer's wallet that generates the highest discount on that applicable transaction. Returning and applying multiple offers from the customer's wallet to the POS screen is not currently able to be supported, but customers are still able to redeem any available offers in their wallet via their mobile device.


Ability to Ingest and Store Custom Data Via a Transaction

We’ve added the ability to ingest and store business-defined (custom) data via a Transaction. This allows you to create custom properties in the transaction payload and have these attributes show up in a customer’s activity log and be stored in the platform. While this feature was prompted by the complex data sets of the Travel and Hospitality industry – which needs to include key information like IATA Code and Flight Number in a transaction – the flexibility it now offers is useful for all industries.

NOTE: This feature enhancement is setting the stage to enable loyalty rules built on custom data properties, with that full functionality scheduled for the January 2021 release.

The Transaction API documentation has been updated; the POS API documentation will be updated shortly.


Features & Enhancements


  • Timeboxed behaviors, released in July, added in new start and end datetimes for behaviors. The Get Campaign API Response has been updated to include this new start and end datetime, if present.


  • Our initial Sailthru Plugin Integration included a route to the /send endpoint for emails. We’ve updated this to now support the /user endpoint to update profiles directly on Sailthru, and the /events endpoint to initiate specific Sailthru features.

Messaging Services

  • Streamlined the messaging Template helpers to combine two existing helpers into a single one. The new helper is __platform_convert_timestamp. It replaces __platform_format_unix_time and __platform_epoch_timestamp.

Global Tenants

  • Updated email help address that appeared on the SessionM homepage for Global Tenants and replaced with URL to webform.

Bug Fixes

Audience Exports

  • When an export is paused and then restarted at some future date/time, we fixed an issue where it would run all exports from the paused period. Now it will correctly only run the next send date of the export.

Data Privacy

  • Fixed issue that was allowing end users with Restricted Access to incorrectly log into an app or web experience that was using SessionM’s Identity Services feature.
  • Removed code that utilizes caching the blacklist (for Data Privacy restricted/opted out users) to increase performance to complete a request


  • Fixed issue with Twilio push message integration so that the push message header in the User Interface is now appropriately respected in Twilio.


  • Enabled the Bulk Offer Repair tool. This tool will alert key SessionM stakeholders when a bulk offer request fails for any valid customers and will re-issue the offer to valid customers when activated by a SessionM engineer. This will allow SessionM to identify gaps and issue to all valid customers. Note: This item went out in August as a hotfix.
  • Fixed bug that caused Bulk Offer Issuance to stall if there was a customer in the audience list that had chosen to be "Forgotten" via the data privacy policy.


  • Fixed issue due to timed-out calls in our system that caused a retry and awarded points twice to a customer.

Rewards Store

  • Fixed an issue that allowed a customer to lose points but not receive the offer they attempted to purchase in a Reward Store.