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Improvements to SKU Picker Interface in Campaigns Module

The SKU Picker in the Campaigns Module will now include information on the date and time of the last uploaded catalog in the upper right-hand corner. This addition provides an at-a-glance view into the success or failure of the job to publish the catalog from the Catalog Management module to the Campaigns module.

Rewind A Campaign Outcome When an Item is Returned

For any campaign set up using "Points Per Amount Spent," when an item is refunded or exchanged within 60 days of the transaction date, the platform will look up any awarded points per outcome, calculate the number of points the refunded/exchanged item accrued towards the points awarded and will remove that point value from the customer’s account, via the incentives Spent Points API. The campaign in question doesn't need to still be active, and there are no actions needed to take advantage of this enhancement.

Composer (Beta)

Features & Enhancements


  • We can now deploy and activate Composer in Staging & QA environments, to make testing easier.

Audience Size

  • Now all Composer clients can create audiences 10X larger than before.

Query Limits

  • The size of the Composer SQL query can now be 8x larger than the current character limit. The limit has increased from 32kb to 256kb.

Copy Updates

  • Updated confusing language for the “Expire Audience Tag” with more direct “Audience End Date,” which is the date that the audience expires.
  • Updated copy to explain the difference between a Static and Dynamic audience, which is an option presented when creating an audience.


Features & Enhancements

Customer Data

  • Introduced non-binary gender option to be included in ingest and utilization within the SessionM platform.


  • Previously, only lowercase values were accepted when searching via user_id in the customers module, resulting in search queries that included uppercase values not returning any results. Now, the customers module will accept searches that include upper or lowercase values and return all relevant results.

Catalog Picker

  • The product catalog picker user interface in the Offer Management module has been updated to make working with very large catalogs more convenient. The layout has three columns — Category, Item, Selection — and a paginated approach to enable simple browsing and selection of both categories and individual items.
    NOTE: This enhancement will only be available for environments that have been moved to our new highly scalable, serverless and ACID compliant data storage engine technology.


  • We’ve enabled a flat file catalog import into the SessionM Platform using our SMSync ETL coordinator via the new pathway (V3) that has been constructed as part of the Catalog Management migration to our new highly scalable, serverless and ACID compliant data storage engine technology. Clients who have migrated their environment to this new infrastructure will now use the V3 pathway going forward for flat file catalog upload.

Bug Fixes


  • The UI was not appropriately showing the complete snapshot when it had a nested AND and OR condition. The UI has been updated, and the complete view of the snapshot's targeting logic is now displayed.
  • Temporarily disabled the Export Now button during Audience Export set up as we re-work a timing issue with that functionality. For an immediate export, we recommend you select the current date with a time set to about 10 minutes in the future to give you enough time to fill out all set-up tabs and submit the request before the selected time passes. If the selected time has passed once you submit the export request, the export won’t run.
  • When an audience is deleted, we now make sure that it is deleted everywhere that is applicable, including cancelling any requests already sent to audience generation.
  • Implemented a configurable retention policy for MySQL records relating to audience generator jobs. This will provide better long term performance for the audience generator and ensures that the service can run indefinitely without intervention.
  • Fixed a bug that impacted the veracity of the Customer Lifetime Value and Risk of Churn Targets in the Audiences Module. The bug happened whenever either of these two were targeted without getting an accurate query result back. With this fix, users will now be able to target on both CLV and Risk of Churn, and the query will return the appropriate and accurate results.


  • Fixed a bug where the Start and End Date restrictions for custom and purchase events are using local browser time. Restrictions are now updated to be consistent with utilizing the campaign time zone.
  • Campaigns created via the Campaign Management API will now allow default ad bundles to be automatically added to them.
  • On messaging ad units, we added new validation checks for provider_guid before contacting the messaging service so that we log an error instead of resulting in a 404.
  • Fixed a bug with the Campaign Opt-In that was not correctly saving the checkbox state.
  • Fixed a bug when deleting a message where only the ad group would be deleted while its ad units would remain. Both will now be deleted upon message deletion.
  • Fixed a bug in the Behavior Builder that incorrectly made the third rule and below required when switching from “All of these events” to “Any of these events.”
  • Fixed a bug in the purchase transaction call to campaigns that was not processing identical line items used to show multiple quantities purchased. The call was updated to utilize object_id of the item to ensure we process all items.


  • Fixed issue where the data access button in the data privacy feature set was incorrectly activated before the customer’s file was ready for download.