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Improved Processing Speed for Tier Level Evaluations

We've added performance enhancements to our Tier Level evaluation process (also known as Tier Maintenance). Tier Level evaluation of program members — e.g. determining if a customer is allowed to stay in a particular tier for another year — has been improved by roughly a factor of 10x. This will allow more customers to be processed in shorter timespans.

Loyalty Enhancements (Beta)

The following feature enhancements require you to be using the enhanced loyalty and transaction engines. The process to move customers over to these new engines will start near the end of the first quarter of 2021.

Ability to Create Rules and Outcomes Based on Customer Defined Data

By working with our implementation teams, you can define the data that you want ingested as part of your transactional flow. The existing fields of a transaction are still required, but new fields can now be added and used as new rules and outcomes to create loyalty use cases. For example, an airline customer could be awarded a point for every mile flown.

Scaling Improvements to the Loyalty Engine

To allow for more complex loyalty programs and rules, SessionM has enhanced its Loyalty engine to more effectively scale to more rules and outcomes.

New Loyalty Outcomes

To expand the flexibility of our loyalty program use cases, new loyalty outcomes have been added to the rules engine. An example of an existing outcome is bolded in the example below “When a customer makes a purchase of $5 or more, award 5 pts per dollar spent.” New outcomes available include:

  1. The ability to award points on quantity. E.g. A customer is awarded 5 pts per liter of gas.
  2. The ability to spend a customer’s points, instead of earn.
  3. The ability to move a customer’s tier level or remove the customer from a loyalty program.

Transaction and Item Level Status Interactions

The SessionM platform will now ingest two new fields by default: “Status” and “Item” status. You can define the statuses and create loyalty rules off this data. For example, you could create a rule where a customer who made a reservation would not earn points until the customer actually checked into the hotel.

Tier Evaluation (Maintenance) Extension

To allow for a more personalized experience, you will now be able to manually extend an individual customer’s tier evaluation window. To start, this will only be supported via API and will not appear in the SessionM platform’s UI.

An example use case of this functionality would be if a customer was unable to stay at a hotel for 3 months due to injury. If they called in to alert a customer success agent of the hotel, that agent could extend the evaluation window by 3 months, allowing the customer to have an opportunity to earn more points and pass evaluation once they can travel again.


Features & Enhancements


  • A Rewards System can now be configured via a flag to either include or exclude taxes when processing a transaction. Previously, Campaigns always excluded tax amounts when evaluating transactions. Please note, this is not configurable at the behavior level, but can only be set at the Rewards System level.


  • We’ve fixed a usability issue and added pagination to the Promo Codes tab in the Customers Profile. This change will allow Customer Service agents to see all assigned promo code information for a customer, rather than just the first 20 codes, as well as search and sort the codes.

User Interface

  • We've improved the UI when selecting a Point Source or a Point Account as part of a campaign outcome or when adjusting points for a customer's account. You now have the ability to search the list of choices. Search results are activated after inputting at least 2 characters and will return a maximum of 25 results.

Bug Fixes


  • To mitigate security risks, we removed all the client-specific configs for a provider that previously could be seen in the console for messaging type campaigns.