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Personalized Engagement

Campaign Management

Improvements to the Catalog SKU Picker

We've improved the search and select experience of the Catalog SKU Picker (version 1) within the Campaigns module. The search results are filtered and highlighted to make it easier to select the items and/or categories you want and spend less time scrolling.

Campaign Management Bug Fixes

Fixed an error that prevented campaigns using a Minimum Spend Amount with a value set at $0.01 from being saved.

Fixed a bug when setting up Triggered Messaging where fields were cleared if a validation error occurred during message configuration.

Fixed a bug where only the first instance of the list of "payments" objects was evaluated, which lead to issues when using Payment type behavior restrictions. We now evaluate all instances of ”payments” received in the request.

Loyalty And Offers

Offer Management

Improvements to the Offers API

We've greatly improved the performance of the Offers API call get_reward_store_offers, which returns all the offers in a Rewards Store. It's now able to handle hundreds of Transactions Per Second with response times in the low double-digit millisecond range.