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Customer Data Activation


Timeline Service - Addressed performance issues with filtered query results and improved the write performance to the timeline database.

Product Catalog - We enabled support for External IDs, so you can now upload a catalog having multiple "External IDs" for a single catalog item. We can now process a transaction with the applicable item IDs (External IDs) from the appropriate store or channel.

Gzip Support for Data Exporter - We have added the ability for clients to now request data exports compressed as gzip files, instead of traditional CSV, extracts for more efficient data delivery.

Data Exporter Timezone - We've added an optional parameter for each tenant that can be set to the client's timezone. The data exporter tool will then check this timezone when determining the data date to run the exporter for.

Data Exporter Custom Naming - We are now able to support custom naming for select tables, along with the ability to set different names for different instances of the same export. For example, if there is a need to deliver exports in two locations, we can have different names for each instance.

Bug Fixes

Audience Exports to S3 / SFTP - Fixed issue with exporting multiple audiences to a single destination. You no longer need to create new destinations for this operation.

Data Privacy API - Fixed a bug that removed the report_url, which was not populated, from the response for All Privacy Requests API Response.

Customers Module - Fixed a bug where duplicate requests for Offers were being sent due to a bad URL, which resulted in an infinite loop that prevented the page from loading.

Personalized Engagement

Campaign Management

Improved Formatting for Exported Metadata

We’ve made exciting improvements to the formatting of the metadata exported from the Advanced Creative Settings tab within a campaign. This data will now be exported in a readable JSON formatted value, unlocking superior downstream reporting capabilities.

Search Catalogs By SKU Number

Searching large catalogs just got a whole lot easier with the exposure of SKU numbers in the xCatalog Picker UI, our newest catalog picker being rolled out. Now, you can perform a keyword search by either item name or SKU number, making the search and select process more streamlined and instilling confidence that you’ve found the correct item every time.

Bug Fixes

Messaging Platform - Fixed the Twilio-Notify Messaging Plugin authentication error handling. These errors can now be retried and are longer sent as failures.

Loyalty And Offers


Offers API - api/2.0/offers/acquisition/issue was updated to return a 400 error (bad request) when an issued offer is out of inventory, rather than the 500 (internal error) that it previously returned.

Fetch Point Audit Log API - The API response for fetching a Point Audit Log (incentives/api/1.0/point_audit_logs/fetch_point_audit_logs) is now able to be filtered based on request_id.

Bug Fixes

Incentives Points - Fixed issue where points were not deposited back after a transaction was voided or refunded.

Incentive Tiers - Fixed issue with tier entrance events which resulted in new tier level not being immediately available.