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Customer Data Activation


Audience Composer - We've added the ability to search Audiences and Queries via the search bar above the data table on each tab. Results will appear as you begin typing your search criteria. We've also added pagination to all three tabs to make viewing easier and more managable.

Data Exporter - In an effort to optimize the time it takes to update our data cloud, we’ve changed our data exporter so that customers can configure which tables are required in the export, rather than having to export all of them by default.

Data Privacy - We've update our language for the Data Privacy feature in the Customers module from "Restrict Processing" to "Cease Marketing" to more accurately describe the functionality. Choosing this option will prevent the customer from receiving any messaging or outcomes associated to Campaigns and from being included or exported in any audiences. It will not restrict activity in Loyalty programs. Customers can continue to earn points, offers or reward store access from non-campaign opportunities; advance within a tier system; and redeem offers issued to their wallet at checkout.

Bug Fixes

Product Catalog - Improved performance and stability of our latest version of the Product Catalog (version 3) to both ingest and export catalogs with large numbers of categories and/or items.

Reset Password Emails - For customers using the SessionM Identity Services feature, we fixed an issue where the system was sometimes sending two Reset Password emails.

SalesForce Marketing Cloud Connector - Fixed several issues in the SalesForce Marketing Cloud Messaging Domain, so that records are now accurately being passed to the Marketing Cloud.

Stored Value Domain - Identified and fixed incorrect mapping of the Store ID field in the transactions data sent from the SessionM platform to First Data.

Personalized Engagement

Campaign Management

Updated Catalog SKU Picker Available for the Campaigns Module

Our newest version of the Catalog SKU Picker (version 3) is now available to be used in the Campaigns module. This updated version introduces significant UI improvements in catalog navigation and searching, especially for customers with large catalogs. In addition, Customer Behavior rules that have eligible item restrictions defined at the category level will automatically inherit any catalog changes. This saves time and effort since you won’t have to re-configure rules after catalog updates. Once the new Catalog Picker is enabled, existing campaigns don’t need to be reconfigured to leverage the new functionality.

Product Guard Rail: Any Customer Behavior rules that have a restriction specifying select items can’t be edited after this switch. If you need to edit such a rule, you’ll have to delete the original rule and recreate it.

The new catalog picker is available via a configuration setting but has a few pre-requisites for use. Please work with your customer success team representative to evaluate using this new functionality.

Loyalty And Offers


Point Audit Log -  In order to improve performance, we have made the User ID a required search field on the Point Audit Log within the Point Management module.

Incentives Job Configuration - Added the ability to configure the runtime for scheduled jobs (such as Tier Maintenance, Rolling Point Expiration, and User Inactivity Point Expiration) in the Points Management and Economy Rules modules to any desired time for a particular environment. 

Bug Fixes

Offers API - For additional fraud prevention, /api/2.0/offers/acquisition/revoke was updated to prevent revoking a user offer if the offer is locked. It will now return a 400 response with the message "user offer is locked and cannot be revoked."

Fetch Point Audit Logs API - improved API response time by optimizing the method that calculates the total number of records.

Tier Maintenance - Fixed a bug that prevented Point Account IDs that began with a zero from being assigned to a Maintenance Rule outcome.


  • Fixed a bug where a discount of zero was throwing an error.
  • Fixed bug that prevented offer titles from containing dashes.