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Customer Data Activation

Bug Fixes

Customer Merge API - Fixed an issue where there was incorrect tier information after performing a Customer Merge on two accounts.

SalesForce Service Cloud, version 2.1.2 - Fixed several bugs related to customer creation and updates from SFSC to the SessionM Platform.


Composer Builder — Coming Soon for all Composer Clients

We’re pleased to announce that our Composer Builder interface, which has been in beta release with select clients, will be rolled out for all current Composer clients throughout the first quarter of 2022. The builder interface offers an improved, user-friendly experience allowing you to drag and drop attribute cards onto a canvas-style builder to create simple or complex audiences.

Other benefits of this new interface include:

  • Natural language on the attribute cards, making it easy to understands each rule.
  • Boolean logic and card grouping.
  • The ability to preview the customers in your audience and to see an estimated audience size.
  • The ability to convert any attribute card into an SQL query format, for advanced users.

The current Composer Query Builder will remain available from the “Create Query” button and can be used as a data exploration tool.

Please work with your customer success team representative for details about when this will be available in your environment. Prior to our Documentation Site being updated, you can view our Supplemental User Guide to Composer Builder.

New Custom Attributes Card in Composer Builder

We’ve added a new Custom Attribute card to the Composer Builder interface, which lets you segment audiences based on your custom data without having to write an SQL query. This new card gives you two ways to add attributes.

You can do so inline on the card by typing what you want to add and choosing from the results that are displayed.

Or you can click the “Browse” button to open a modal window where you can search your attributes to select what to include.

Personalized Engagement

Campaign Management

New Option to Allow Awards on Fully Discounted Items

We’ve added a new configuration for purchase rules in the Campaigns Module. With the “Discount Eligibility” setting, you now have the option to specify that a behavior rule should award outcomes even when eligible items have been fully discounted to a cost of zero, or for items that simply have a value of zero to begin with.

This configuration will appear in the Behavior rule builder under the restrictions tab for relevant purchase rules and is disabled by default.

Additional Choice in Timeframe Restriction

We’ve expanded the choices in the timeframe restriction in the Behavior rule builder. When specifying the timeframe during which an event must be completed after being started, there is a new choice of “a minute.”

The timeframe restriction can be set on the Behavior Restrictions screen, which will apply it to all rules in the behavior; or it can be added individually to a rule when you are building it via the “add restriction” button.

Loyalty And Offers

Point Management

Point Audit Log Performance Improvements and UI Changes

We’ve improved the performance of the PointAuditLogs API, increasing performance when using the spend endpoint. However, a consequence of this performance improvement is that we’ve had to remove the ability to run Point Liability and Point Source reports from the Point Management module in the SessionM Platform.

Note: These reports can still be run, however only by making queries directly to our data lake. Please contact your customer success team representative for details on how to access this information. While the changes to the User Interface will be immediate, the PointAuditLogs API improvements will be implemented on a rolling basis for clients after the release, due to the required data migrations.

Offer Management

Improvements to Offer Issuance Reliability

We’ve made significant updates to the APIs that power Offer Issuance on the SessionM platform to ensure that offers are only issued once and in a timely manner.

These changes require data migration in our database. To minimize the amount of data migrated, only active offers will be migrated in the operational database. Expired offers will remain in our data cloud storage and will continue to be accessible for reporting purposes.

Note: While this enhancement will be included in the current release, the change will be implemented on a rolling basis for clients, due to the required data migrations. Please contact your customer success team representative with any questions.