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Customer Data Activation

Salesforce Service Cloud, Powell, Version 2.3

This new version is published to Appexchange with the following features and updates:

  • Displays the balance needed for the next tier.
  • Customer Profile was updated with a new design flag Auto Sync from SessionM Loyalty. When enabled, the component will automatically sync the latest customer changes from the SessionM Platform when loaded.
  • Added a new custom permission SessionM Bypass Security and Sharing (smsfsc.SessionM_Bypass_Security) allowing any user, regardless of their current permissions, to operate with SessionM related data in Salesforce (including Accounts/Contacts) for very specific use cases. NOTE: Enabling this stops all security checks done by our connector; please make sure the data is protected in a different way.

Added new flags to the package configuration:

  • Get RFM/CLV/Risk of Churn Metrics: Enable this to import these metrics into Salesforce from the API.
  • What to do if the external ID is empty? Choose what happens when an Account/Contact is missing the external ID. The options are to use the record ID (default) or throw an error to prevent enrollment.
  • Disable Triggers: This disables all the connector’s triggers. Enabling this stops the data flow to the SessionM Platform, therefore please use only for debugging purposes.

Removed the following unused configuration fields:

  • Enable Enroll in Community: starting with v2.0, all the UI components are automatically enabled to be used in Experience Cloud (formerly Community Cloud).
  • Comp Points Reference Type: starting with v2.2, the configurable reference type field was moved in the Points Balance component configuration.

You can see the updated SessionM Loyalty for Service Cloud Administration Guide here.


Catalog Performance – Removed the maximum limit for the Catalog Get APIs. The previous value “100” is now set to “infinite.” This change should help to avoid errors in the offers update process, as well as ensure compliance to all commitments.

Timeline Scalability – We adjusted the timeline schema for new tenants to enable further timeline scalability accepting a higher load of data.

Personalized Engagement

Bug Fixes

Customer Profile – Fixed an issue in the Customers Module UI where three new country codes are now selectable via the user interface:

  1. Curaçao
  2. Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba[a]
  3. Sint Maarten (Dutch part)

Customer Search – Fixed broken pagination on Customer Search results page.

Loyalty And Offers


Offer API – We were able to enhance the performance of the fetch_offers_details and fetch_offers_overview endpoints with no impact to the existing user interface functionality.

Merge Accounts – Improved the performance of the user merge data process by enhancing the logic as well as reducing the mergeable user data (“victim” user data) to 1 year.

Platform Wide


Single Sign On (SSO) Login Enhancements – A new version of authentication via SSO will be available. This new version will be enabled first for all SessionM employee accounts. Customer implementations will be planned for future releases.

Please contact your customer success representative if you have any questions.

Bug Fixes

Admin & Rights – Fixed an issue with controlling account access to all modules. The fix required creating new permissions in the Account section of Admin & Rights. These new permissions may require an adjustment to individual platform user accounts by an administrator.

Please contact your customer success representative or support if you need assistance with your account.