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Customer Data Activation


Audience Generator - Improved performance of Audience Generator service by reducing the time to process entries, from ~40 million entries which used to take up to 24 hours down to 1½ hours.

Personalized Engagement


Catalog Picker Bulk Upload - We introduced a bulk upload feature to the latest version of our catalog picker in Campaigns. This means that you no longer need to manually select items when running a campaign with 1000+ SKUs.

Loyalty And Offers

Enhanced Point Tracing Option

We’ve introduced a new option to enable point tracing on the purchase offer flow by capturing the spend points reference to the User Offer, rather than to the Reward Store Offer. By doing this, it creates a reference that can be used to trace to the User Offer, which already provides traceability to the transaction where it was applied.

NOTE: Enabling this will change the data that is captured and will introduce a new Reference Type. Retroactively updating the data to reflect this is not part of this feature.

This option is disabled by default and can be enabled upon request to your Customer Success representative.


Offers API - Enhanced the offer revoke flow by adding a return endpoint, api/2.0/offers/acquisition/return, that revokes an offer and returns the points when applicable.

Bug Fixes

Offers API

  • Fixed a bug that significantly improved the average response time of both the spend_points_multiple and purchase endpoints.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the get_user_offer endpoint to return an error when the point balance in the response payload was exceeding the int32 range.
  • Fixed a bug that was incorrectly allowing an active but expired UserOffer to be locked by calling api/2.0/offers/redemption/lock.
  • Fixed a bug where fetch_bulk_offer endpoint now has validation in place to limit the amount of requested offer_ids to 1000 and returns a 400 error message with a suitable validation error instead of throwing a 500 error with an unclear reason.

Offers Date Format - Fixed a bug caused by the Issued Offer date format being different from the Redeemed Offer date format in the timeline. Both have now been unified to use the single format of YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.MSZ.

Reward Store

  • Fixed a bug so that the zero point reward store offers are now displayed in the offers_discount response payload field, if they are applicable for the given transaction. This allows for perpetual use of offers without complicated issuance rules.
  • Fixed a bug where the purchase_offer endpoint is now returning 400 instead of 500 when a user is denied access to the reward store.

Platform Wide


Data Privacy Forget Requests - Enhanced forget feature to better automate records request process across modules and data stores, including online and data cloud stores.